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May 8th 2023 – Our payment system will be unavailable from Midnight to Noon

Fort Mojave Tribal Utilities Authority

New Construction

Important Information

New Construction Service Requests (Water and/or Wastewater)

If you are just purchasing your property or have a property with a septic tank and want to add Wastewater services to your property or you would like to add water to your property, please call our office to confirm we service your property.

If We Do Provide Service

Please ensure that you complete the application. Be sure to fill it out completely and sign it. Also, be sure to include an email address.

Photo ID Required

Make a copy or take a picture of your driver’s license.


If you have recently purchased the property, provide a copy of the closing document indicating you are the owner.

Wastewater Only

We will need the site plans for your home that show all of the fixtures. Fixtures are sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, kitchen sink, laundry room sink, etc. If you have an existing property and do not have site plans, prepare a drawing of your home, indicating ALL the fixtures in your home. We may need to do an on-site review of the fixtures.

Send Required Documentation

Forward the application, driver’s license, closing documents and site plans to our office. They can be emailed at csr@fmtua.com.They can also be dropped off at our office by utilizing our drop box in front of the building.
Once we receive all the documents, we will prepare a Cost Summary for Wastewater services and/or a Cost Proposal for water service. This will be emailed to you at the email address on the application.
For Water Service to be installed payment must be made in full. For Wastewater Service, payment must be made in full at least 1 week prior to your request for a Wastewater tap inspection.